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An Autumn Crab Catch on Tomales Bay

A crab-catching contest and lunch mark Dungeness season.



    BUT... if you don't intend to go out for the Heaviest Haul, and would rather watch the boat-driven doings from the edge of the bay and enjoy a little crab terra-firma-style, that is definitely an option, too. Executive Chef Austin Perkins will oversee a cooking demonstration and lunch -- yep, a certain crustacean is definitely involved -- and there's a Crabby Hour to boot. Er, to claw, rather? The best bit is that the Petaluma Educational Foundation benefits from the demo/lunch proceeds. The cost to dine crabby-style? Sixty five dollars. And consider this: There's so much talk about local eats and knowing sources, yes? Think of this as a beautiful autumn day where both the source and the supping is enjoyed nearly simultaneously. How many occasions can boast about that?