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April in Carneros



    APRIL IN CARNEROS: It certainly sounds like it should be a song title, or perhaps the name of a magic realism movie about an up-and-coming vintner who discovers a new way of growing grapes (maybe they're grown in the sky rather than then grown). Perhaps it'll become a title for one or both of those things one day, but for now we like exactly what it represents. Which is a full weekend of Carneros-based conviviality, and tastings and to-dos at over 20 local wineries.

    APRIL 16 and 17: A ticket is $40 day of, and wineries on the map will include Anaba Wines, Tin Barn Vineyards, and Parmelee Hill Wines. Since this is an open house-type deal, expect more than tastings. Various events are promised at each winery, either involving art or tunes or maybe both simultaneously. We vote both simultaneously. Get info, and get thinking about that magic realism movie you know you've been wanting to write about the wine business. Certainly we all have such a script within us.

    DOUBLE FUN: Wineries in Sonoma and Napa are participating; get details.