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Art Below: Napa Riverfront Chalk Festival

The free fest spotlights works created on the sidewalk.



    ART AT OUR FEET: What's the last thing you drew in chalk? A grocery list? A complicated theorem? Hopscotch squares out in front of your house? Like all drawing implements, chalk is great for rendering images, words, and numbers, but unlike most drawing implements, you frequently bend over while wielding it. That's because chalk works well on the ground, not just for hopscotch and other child-sweet games but for lavish and complicated artworks, some that are optically challenging and some that deserve the attention of a gallery or museum. Chalk festivals are fantastic for highlighting these works in a breezy, stroll-and-look, and typically free-to-see fashion. Such a fest is just ahead, at the Napa Riverfront, on Sunday, April 6. It's part of the larger, multi-day, multi-place Napa Valley Arts in April campaign, and a fine thing, indeed, to festoon the first weekend of the month-long to-do.

    BEHIND THE CHALK: Artist Amy Gallagher Hall will "painstakingly create her 9-feet by 12-feet original work of art" of that Sunday, and "painstakingly" is apt. Imagine working before a group of onlookers who are watching your every stroke. Kristina Young, an artist local to the region, will also create a panel-board piece out of pastels, alongside other creative people from the area. "(S)everal local and student artists" will also be turning out flowers, vistas, frames, and whimsical abstracts on the walking areas around the riverfront.

    HAVE AN ARTISTIC TOT? There's a Children's Chalk Walk, so prep your young Picasso or Kahlo for an afternoon of pretty and interesting picture making. The hours for the fest are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.