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Big Bear Bevs: Fall Village Wine Walk

Welcome fall, and savor the weekend, while sipping and strolling on a Saturday evening.



    Big Bear Bevs: Fall Village Wine Walk
    What's more autumnal a sound: The pop of a cork or the rustling of leaves? Enjoy both in Big Bear Lake on the first Saturday of fall 2016.

    THE SOUNDS OF AUTUMN... are fairly memorable, especially near the beginning of the season when our ears are on the lookout, or rather hearout, for signs of fall. The biggest, perhaps, is the rustling of leaves, either up in a cottonwood or aspen tree (two of the "clickiest" of specimens, sound-wise) followed by tiny candy bars plunking into the bottom of a plastic pumpkin (and, truly, that only happens on one particular night of the fall). Let us add, though, to the aural autumn pleasures the particular pop of a cork and the clink-clink of glasses raised in celebration. The enjoyment of wine isn't solely an autumnal pursuit, but vinos can backseat it to brews and tropical cocktails during the summer. Winter has its toddies, but the chill of autumn's air means cabernets, merlots, and, yes, chardonnays, too. Enjoy those, plus the first Saturday of the season, at one of the most convivial to-dos on the Big Bear Lake calendar. It's... 

    THE VILLAGE FALL WINE WALK, and it will spread out, in relaxed fashion, from the mid-afternoon to early evening on Saturday, Sept. 24. Be up the mountain, then, from 3:30 to 7 p.m., to savor "fine wines from around the world." You'll visit different business for your beverages, all the while raising funds for local education and regional community to-dos. Your ticket is $35 through Sept. 12, and then $45. Should you find a place to stay up the big hill? Definitely. Think how crisp those mountain mornings are in late September, when the merest rustle of a few aspen leaves can set you in a seasonally sweet state of mind.