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Bocce Ball and Fine Bevs



    OENOPHILE ADDRESS: Most festivals have a concrete location that's both mappable and appable and probably six other words ending "-pplable". (Say, unflappable; that works.) But the Santa Cruz Mountain Winegrowers' Vintners' Festival? Here's the location on the pdf flyer: "Eastern Side of the Mountains." That just sounds instantly romantic to us, a little "let's get lost" and a little "you can't find me for a full day, various life stresses, so take that!" Of course, there are concrete addresses for the over two dozen wineries that are participating over Saturday, June 11 and Sunday, June 12. So that's helpful. Sometimes romance needs just a dash of logic.

    THOSE WINERIES INCLUDE... Savannah-Chanelle, which'll be doing the cheese tray thing (we support the cheese tray thing). Fleming Jenkins, which will have a photography show on. And some bocce ball will be bocce-ball-ing at Nonno's, where a bevy of wine houses will gather to pour. If you're seeing these names and thinking Santa Clara and San Mateo, you'd be most correct. Get times and what's going on where, and make for the Eastern Side of the Mountains. It sounds a bit Middle Earth, right? Yes. And, of course, we know hobbits enjoyed a good time. So it all fits.