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Bodega Bay Seafood, Art & Wine Festival



    BODEGA WAY: So we're scrolling through all the past-year pictures from the Bodega Bay Seafood, Art & Wine Festival, and we're all doo doo doo (that's the song one hums as they scroll), and we're thinking, gols, a lot of these people are laughing and/or smiling. Like, everyone is. The thing is, though, is the pictures seem genuine. Very. Which made us think about the last time we were in Bodega Bay, and how we sat clutching a cup of clam chowder (we know, on the nose) on a spitty gray day, and how we should have been all glowery and bad-tempered. But we weren't. We looked just like the people from the Bodega Bay Seafood, Art & Wine Festival photos. Laughing. Happy. Non-glowery. Which is a long but from-the-heart way to say that what is billed as a "joyful" party is straight ahead on Saturday, Aug. 27 and Sunday, Aug. 28.

    ON THE BILL: Wine and seafood and art, yes. Music. Kidly fun. Microbrews, too, for those who like a beer with their lobster roll. A get-in ticket is twelve bucks ahead of the date, and you can get 'em in advance. And to further back our feeling that these people are lov-uh-ing the BBSAW bash? Check it out; the festival publishes a page of testimonials. They're all cheerful. Oh gols. Why aren't we hunkering over a cup of clam chowder this instant? Spitty weather or not, we want to be there.