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Candlelight Walk: Redwoods by Night

Enjoy a crisp December evening among the giants at the Redwood Parks Conservancy fundraiser.



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    Redwood Parks Conservancy
    Enjoy a crisp December evening among the giants at the Redwood Parks Conservancy fundraiser.

    HOW DOES THE SUNSET LOOK... from the upper reaches of a redwood? Only the birds and critters know, and the redwoods, too, but just because we humans can't zoom hundreds of feet up to the very highest limb of a giant tree doesn't mean we can't connect with the beauties of twilight in the forest from our spots down on the ground. That's just what will happen at the annual Candlelight Walk at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park over the first weekend of December 2017. It's a fundraiser for Redwood Parks Conservancy, an organization that has a stirring "...mission... to foster understanding, enjoyment, and stewardship by providing support to our partner agencies — the National Park Service, California State Parks, U.S. Forest Service, and the B.L.M. at Headwaters Forest Reserve — who are entrusted with the care of northern California's public lands." To support the conservancy as they support these agencies, purchase a ticket to the...

    CONTEMPLATIVE EVENING EVENT, which will take place from 5 to 8 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 1 and Saturday, Dec. 2. This "very popular event!" does fill up fast, and as tickets were made available on Wednesday, Nov. 1, those interested in attending should decide soon, and well before Thanksgiving, if that's how they'd like to start December. What will you find among the ferns, chirps, and breezes? Some 400 luminaries lining pretty pathways, plus a silent auction, a raffle, and a few tales told, too. Consider that the twelfth month is typically painted as the most hectic stretch on the calendar, and consider how true that portrayal can be. Choosing to greet December with a quiet stroll among the venerable, branch-beautiful denizens of the park might be the perfect way to calm the month before it even truly begins. Tickets are ten dollars each, and you can find information about Friday tickets here and Saturday tickets here.