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Capital Beerfest



    REALLY... People are practically geniuses when it comes to logo-ing an event. We'd never thought of a capitol being semi-shaped like a stein, but after seeing the promotionables for the Capital Beerfest, we'll never forget it. The Beerfest is the big, Sacramento-based suds-a-thon on Saturday, March 5, but we should note that the party comes at the end of Sacramento Beer Week, which kicked off on Friday, Feb. 25, and is actually a bit longer than a week.

    THE HOPS HAPS: "Small craft breweries" will get the love at the Capital Brewfest, as will a bevy of Golden State beermakers. Over 60 makers of sudsy products will participate in the VIP session, which will include "rare" beer. Again. We never think of rare beer -- beer being the unsnootiest of beverages -- but we shall now. There are times and there are tickets and there are the always helpful shuttles to know about. We're raising a stein, Sacramento Beer Week, only a much smaller stein than one shaped exactly like the capitol.

    NOTE: The big hooha on March 5 is at Cal Expo, not our capital building. Of course.