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'Car Trek' Lands in Sacramento

The California Automobile Museum throws a galactic, auto-tastic soiree.



    'Car Trek' Lands in Sacramento
    California Automobile Museum
    The California Automobile Museum throws a galactic, auto-tastic soiree on Saturday, Sept. 17.

    THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY CONVENTION... may have wrapped in costume-cool style, and the various tributes clustering around early September might be ending, too. But you can still get your "Star Trek"-themed fun in, even if you partied in Las Vegas in August along with thousands of other fans (and even if you spent Sept. 8, the show's actual 50th anniversary, revisiting favorite episodes from the original series). We may never be able to return to that magical late-summer night in 1966, and the moment when TV audiences first experienced Gene Roddenberry's galactically gargantuan phenomenon, but we can gather nowadays with people who adore "Star Trek" in settings that capture a bit of its flavor. 

    BEAM OVER... to the California Automobile Museum on Saturday, Sept. 17, for instance, and you'll find yourself at "Car Trek," the institution's vehicle-cool tribute to the 50th anniversary. If you recall some of the cars seen or referenced in "Star Trek," you'll want to swing by the Sacramento-based museum for a day of Trek-tastic to-dos with a vroom-vroom theme. Or join the...

    GREAT TRIBBLE HUNT, or view airings of the '70s animated series, or participate in "Star Trek Jeopardy," or take a look at The Star Streak, a "special space vehicle." Can you arrive in costume? Don your best Klingon style, or a Bajoran get-up, or fanciest Vulcan cloak, and see a dollar shaved off your entry to the party. A party which will include a Borg station, and other touches inspired by the beloved series. Still celebrating the big 50th? Are you an auto enthusiast? Consider this Sactown gathering to be the perfect melding of the two, the rare chance to jump into a "Star Trek" scene with a car-cosmic flavor.