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Castroville Artichoke Festival: What's New

Visit the new Wine & Beer Garden before devouring all of those tasty leaves.



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    Visit the new Wine & Beer Garden before devouring all of those tasty leaves.

    WHEN IT COMES TO ARTICHOKE ENJOYMENT, it isn't just about those luscious, cooked-to-perfection leaves. Nor is the heart at the total center of the action, though, of course, an artichoke heart really does qualify as the garden's most sublime edible, both in terms of flavor and mouth feel. We also, in addition to the leaves, heart, and full artichokean experience, also require, quite often, a sauce of some sort to be nearby, or an olive oil, the kind of dippable liquid that adds some oomph to every toothy scrape of every leaf. The artichoke is, then, one of the iconic foodstuffs that typically has a dish of something liquid-y and lovely nearby, for all of the dipping action. That other liquid-y things, like wine and beer, go so well with artichokes is kind of a given, and you won't be surprised to learn this: The Castroville Artichoke Food & Wine Festival has a new Wine & Beer Garden, one that features libations from "...our favorite California producers." You can find your chard there on...

    SATURDAY, JUNE 3 AND SUNDAY, JUNE 4... when the gleeful, greenful happening rolls into the Monterey County Fair and Event Center. Chef demonstrations — is there a fresh way for you to approach grilling chokies? — as well as the quirky Agro Art competition will draw eyes, but as for all of those artichokes for sale? You'll want to hit the on-site Farmers Market, which will sport all sorts of glorious globes from the area. As you shop, consider what sort of liquid-y things — oils, mayos, melty cheese, vinegars, or some decadent combo — you'll serve alongside your perfectly cooked leaves back at home. And ponder if a wine you enjoyed at the new Wine & Beer Garden wouldn't be an ideal match.