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Central Coast Suds: SLO Beer Week

Spend a few days among masterful brewers while chowing around San Luis Obispo.



    Central Coast Suds: SLO Beer Week
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    Go SLO from Oct. 16 through 22 for a bevy of marvelous brews.

    PITTING CITIES... is not something we polite Californians like to engage in, as a general rule. We acknowledge that some towns have superb skiing (as opposed to desert burgs, which do not) and we know that the more arid and desolate destinations offer up incredible stargazing. Everywhere has a little something to offer, but then there are places like San Luis Obispo, which skips the "little something" and heads straight for "a whole bunch." The Central Coast city is regularly ranked on happy and laid-back charts, and its very nickname captures a feeling that bustling, traffic-filled metropolises would love to aspire to, in spirit. And another merit badge on SLO's lapel? It does beer really right, and makes mighty excellent eats that go well with beer. Maybe it is the SLO down feel that a harried person would like to experience for an evening while experience a nice IPA, or maybe it is that tangy, not-too-far-from-the-Pacific air. Whatever the case, know that...

    SLO BEER WEEK... is on the October horizon, and with it? A number of foam-up, sit-back-y, SLO it right on down to-dos. Look for "a blowout party" to start the Oct. 16-22, 2016 run, a bash that focuses on "brewer collaborations." A documentary all about Golden State suds'll unspool at The Fremont on Monday, Oct. 17, while a Spiegelau Beer Glass Class & Tasting digs down into some of beer's hueful, mouthfeel qualities (color, aroma, body, and such). And is autumn the perfect moment in a perfectly autumnal town like San Luis Obispo? Well, we wouldn't dare go pitting seasons against each other, as each has their offerings. But an October evening in SLO, with something hopsy in hand, with a hearty meal at the ready, just about encompasses both fall's natural funkiness with the city's inimitable easy approach to life.