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Cheers! St. Helena



    SOCIAL SCENE: First Fridays come in many flavors, but if your town name happens to be St. Helena, and your location happens to be close to several of the world's best wineries, bet those flavors will be of the smoky, grape-y, delicious variety. And bet your First Friday party will be quite the lively event. St. Helena in Napa Valley indeed throws a whoop-di-do every first Friday of the month throughout the summertime and into early fall; the next one is on Friday, June 3. What will be there? Well. Wine. Hello. Lots of wine. And food, and people, and the opportunity to do a bit of leisurely strolling along the city's main street.

    DETAILS: The hours are from 6 to 8 p.m., and several local businesses will stay open. Figure it is your chance to cozy up to St. Helena, if you only ever find yourself driving on through. The organizers describe Cheers! St. Helena as "a non-profit friendship celebration." We can all support something like that.