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Cider Summit: Tasty Bevs in the Presidio

Apple-based bevs get the love at a sip-worthy meet-up.



    Cider Summit: Tasty Bevs in the Presidio
    Is the apple, and other fruits, the basis for some of your favorite libation? See what's happening in the world of hard ciders in San Francisco.

    LOVELY LIBATIONS: Cider, back in the day, was something that came around each October, the better to lend oomph to donuts and cookies, as well as the occasional steamy cup of hot sippable goodness. True, hard cider has always enjoyed its devoted fandom, but it wasn't until the rise (and rise and rise) of craft beerdom that cider mania truly came to full flower. Suddenly top notes were being discussed on panels, and various apple types (Fuji, Pink Lady, Gala) were enjoy lively debate, and people got to chatting about how to best incorporate crisp berry/citrus flavor in order to complement the drink's stem-rocking star. Thus finding a cider party nowadays is a bit easier than "back in the day," especially around the Golden State, a place that has well-embraced the tart and terrific sip. If you're ready for some fall-style zing in your spring, then make for...

    THE PRESIDIO... on Saturday, April 23. Cider Summit S.F. will unfurl, with flavorful tastings and flavorful info, at the Civil War Parade Ground. Whole Foods is the presenter of the artisanal gathering, and a whole spice-forward caboodle of ciderists will be at the tables, discussing the stuff they love to make. Who's on board? Look for Ace Cider Company, 2 Towns Ciderhouse, Crooked City Cider, and Horse & Plow (among the many excellent beverage experts). There will be talking, there will be sipping, there will be the pondering of mouth feel and smoothness and how apple-centered a cider should/should not be. It's fun stuff if this is your go-to tavern order, but best line up your designated driver before going Presidio. And look here, apple-loving aficionados: Another cider festival is up in Atascadero in May. Truly, it is a beloved beverage on the up-and-up, much like beautiful ruddy pommes high in an orchard tree.