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Dads & Grads Time at Pebble Beach



    PEBBLE PERFECT: When we see the words "Dads & Grads," complete with ampersand, start popping on signs, we instantly start rummaging around for our sunglasses and sunblock. Like that fabled first crocus of spring, "Dads & Grads" says June is nearly here. And the only-in-June deals, too. The Pebble Beach Resorts are offering such a package, and yep, it has "Dads & Grads" in the name. And yep, it involves golf and ocean views. And yep, here are the specifics.

    FORE GOING: The Dads & Grads Getaway Package includes several things. Several many, in fact. Two nights at the swanky Inn at Spanish Bay, a round of golf at Pebble Beach Golf Links, and then another round at the Links at Spanish Bay or Spyglass. Tony tees indeed. The price is five bucks south of two grand for a single participant, but there's a discount when two people take the package. And if you have both a dad and a grad in your household, and both love the Great Game? Hello, most memorable Father's Day gift/Commencement present ever.