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Date Night Underground



    HOORAY! Three cheers for the unusual date night. We're not knocking dinner and a movie, but dinner and an underground tour? We'll gladly unhand the popcorn for a night. The underground tour is in Old Sacramento and the above-ground eating is in the area, too. If you're thinking this all might be related to the historic area's popular Underground Tours, you'd indeed be right. The tours have grown so popular, in fact, that organizers are launching a few adults-only evenings. The first one is up on Sept. 29 and the final of the six is on Oct. 14. Meaning if you're intrigued, buy your ticket fast-like.

    THE DETAILS: A ticket only includes the Underground Tour, which leaves at 6 p.m. each night. But a pair of local eateries is going the discount route for tour participants. Meaning if you hook up with that, you'll be able to discuss the favorite parts of your subterranean stroll over apps. Sounds pretty good and offbeat to us (again, dinner and movie? Not knocking you. We'll be back.) A ticket to the tour is twenty bucks. A tour lasts for 90 minutes. Lots of time for hand-holding and learning about history. Two of our favorite things, especially when they happen simultaneously.

    SUNSET AND CROWS: The last time we spent an autumn night it was about as atmospheric as all get out. Hundreds of crows took to the sky and and there was a rosy sunset over Tower Bridge (or adjacent, let's say). So adding a go-below-ground element? We're not even offering our arm to be twisted, because we're on board.