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Deluxe Rose Experience Tour



    ROSY RETREAT: Some people might look at the Russian River Rose Company, and the fact that the garden-y destination has scheduled its Deluxe Rose Experience Tours over the weekend of April 30 and May 1, 2011, and they might be inclined to think that that would be a marvelous (and early) Mother's Day gift. Two things? Those some people are right. And those some people also include us. A day of strolling by bushes all abloom, and sampling foods made with rose water, and gazing upon atomizers, sounds like the perfect holiday celebration. But, to be honest, a day at the rose farm sounds kind of petal-tastic, even if you don't know your rose history, and even if you're not treating Mom to a day out. (But, let's be honest, you should be doing the latter.)

    STEM STUFF: There are several parts to the Deluxe Rose Experience Tour, but we'll cite the sniffing of colognes that summon the scents figures like Cleopatra wore as particularly enticing. We also like the rose-water-y eats. Turkish delight and sorbet tempt, always. A ticket for the Saturday, April 30 or Sunday, May 1 tour is $50.