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Destination Hotels Half Yearly Sale



    HALF YEARLY SALE: There's nothing not to like about a significant sale that arrives just ahead of summer. And for all accounts and purposes let's call April 1 the official kick-off day of the "just ahead of summer" period. Figure that spring breaks are wrapping up by April 1, and the next major vacation period to look ahead to is the biggest of 'em all. Which makes the Destination Hotels & Resorts Half Yearly Sale especially welcome. It arrives on Friday, April 1 -- well, at least in 2011 -- and it is keep its welcome through Sunday, April 10.

    THE DEAL: Book at a Destination property and receive 30% off your rate -- but maybe more ("Minimum 30 Percent Off" is the promise). Also, this includes every spot in the Destination universe, including Golden State properties (think Paradise Point Resort & Spa in San Diego). Miramonte and Terranea -- in Indian Wells and Palos Verdes, respectively -- are also on the Destination Hotels roster. You'll want to read the fine print on stay dates and such.