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'Dog Be with You' Package Woofs at Fairmont Miramar

Woofers will enjoy a host of hound-tastic perks and treats at the Santa Monica hotel.



    'Dog Be with You' Package Woofs at Fairmont Miramar
    Fairmont Miramar Bungalows & Hotel
    Are you traveling to Santa Monica, for a relaxed and stylish stay, with your hound at your side? There's a sweet stay-over package made for your lil' fluffball.

    YOUR PAMPERABLE PUMPKIN? She gets cuddles galore, and kisses on the snout, and extra ear scratches, and the occasional peanut butter or cheesy treat, too. And when you head out on the road, to stay in a hotel, well, it is a come-with situation, where your hound is concerned, because there's no way you can let a day pass without those aforementioned ear scratches or snout kisses. Finding a bed-down, snooze-it-up, lovely 'n luxe spot that caters to canines, as well as their people, isn't always easy on the road, and happening upon a hotel where every room is open to a four-footed visitor is even rarer. But the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica is an exceptional place on a number of fronts, including how they approach the Fidos staying in house. In short? The approach is an accepting and fun one, as evidenced by the...

    DOG BE WITH YOU... package. First things first: Your #1 pooch'll be on the happy receiving end of a Luscious Liver treat, created for canines, not long after you arrive. Other goodies for your constant companion will follow, including a "(f)luffy dog bed by Molly Mutt" that may be enjoyed while you're at the Fairmont Miramar, a breakfast for your pup (that's for one pup, and, hurrah, it is in room), and toys to play with, too. That starting price, which includes your overnight stay at the pretty-darn-close-to-the-Pacific destination? It's $459. Find out more dogly details now, and tell your tail-wagger that you're headed for one of the SoCal coast's coolest and chillest luxury hotels.