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Dog Day Afternoon at Cavallo Point Lodge

Sweet tail-waggers are the stars at the Sausalito to-do.



    Dog Day Afternoon at Cavallo Point Lodge
    Raise funds for Marin Humane with your pooch at your side on Sunday, June 25.

    DOG DAY AFTERNOONS, in general, are all about torrid temperatures, or at least the sort of temperatures that have you cradling an ice tray, a bag of ice, or some other product found inside your freezer. Your pup feels it, too, of course, and as she seeks out a spot in front of the fan, you're inspired to follow her lead and do the same. That's the way of summer, though, but there is a beneficent side to the ol' "Dog Day Afternoons" of the season: When there's a fundraiser afoot, or apaw, rather, and one your dog is invited to, too. Such is the giveback, give an arf case at Cavallo Point Lodge on Sunday, June 25. That's when the historic Sausalito property will host a cookout all to show support, both of presence and of funds, for Marin Humane. As your pup'll be part of the party, if you so choose, you can bet there are several...

    WOOFER-ORIENTED GOINGS-ON, from a "Puparazzi Photo Booth" to take-home doggie bags for the four-footers in attendance. The more wee animals from Marin Humane'll also be there, so if "small companion animals" hold your heart, best stop by and fall in love a little (or, let's be honest, a lot). A scenting game for the tail-waggers, a pet boutique, and, of course, vittles via the cookout are all on the noon to 4 o'clock rundown. As for your get-in entry fee? It's $55, and that includes one on-the-leash Lassie or Laddie. (An extra pup can come for ten bucks.) Do note that the price'll be $65 at the door, and kid admission is fifteen bucks. Are you feeling these Dog Day Afternoons, you and your snout-rocking sweetheart? No doubt, but there's a way to turn the warmish lingering into love for animals, thanks to a chow-down get-together hosted by Cavallo Point Lodge for Marin Humane.