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Downtown Napa New: Lighted Art Festival

Find an illuminated take on the holidays at this after-dark ooh 'n ahh.



    Downtown Napa New: Lighted Art Festival
    Downtown Napa
    See structures in a new after-sundown sparkle each night through Sunday, Dec. 17.

    BUILDINGS, AS A RULE, ARE SOLID... and fairly unchangeable, save the occasional paint color change or new front door or even some ivy (an alteration that doesn't happen overnight, but one that can definitely lend a structure a fresh feel). But some of the buildings of Napa will be altered, at least for a couple of hours over a few nights around the middle of December 2017. That's when all sorts of hue-mazing lights will fall upon some structures located downtown, courtesy of the Napa Lighted Art Festival. The inaugural event, which is on each night through Sunday, Dec. 17, "...will light up the streets, buildings, and nighttime sky while stunning animated art work is projected onto a variety of buildings throughout Downtown Napa and the Oxbow District." Everything begins right in the vicinity of sundown, so 5 p.m., and the last of the lights shall flicker at 10 o'clock. There are...

    "EIGHT TO TEN ORIGINAL ART WORKS"... shimmering in sizable form through the 17th, lending the holiday season a different sort of display, one that doesn't involve the traditional hallmarks we know so well. Perhaps you adore this time of year, but you're seeking a new expression of the yuletide and magic. This might just scratch that itch, especially if glimmer and glad tidings weave together for you. Moreover, a visit to the Napa area, and beyond, following the fires of October 2017, is on many people's give-back lists in the coming weeks. Want to support a few favorite businesses, with some holiday cheer thrown in? Consider a stop in Downtown Napa for its newest Noël bon bon, one that'll temporarily, and charmingly, change the look of several buildings each night.