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Earth Day at Frey Vineyards

A barn, baby goats, and a day out among the vines. Yes x 3.



    BIODYNAMIC AND BEYOND: Most visits to a winery tend to follow certain marks. You're going to taste wine. You're going to josh with the person pouring the wine and probably learn a few interesting factoids from that person as well. And you'll probably step outside to admire the grounds and dream about living La Vida Winery. That is a tried-and-true pattern and one we don't wish to mess with, but when a vineyard introduces a few new elements into a visit, we take notice, especially when a visit with baby goats are involved. Frey Vineyards in Redwood Valley will be mixing up the standards on Saturday, April 21, just in time for Earth Day. In fact, the whole day has an eco bent, starting with the biodynamic farm tour and the seasonal ingredients that will go into the dinner you'll eat there.

    SOLD? We are, completely, but then there will be a visit to the Frey barn, where humans will admire the baby goats and eat cookies and drink tea. A visit to the gardens is on the itinerary, too. And that dinner? Looks plenty tasty and organic and, yep, Frey wines'll be on the table. It sounds, in short, like you'll be digging a bit deeper than the normal winery visit, with an eye toward sustainability and localvore issues. Plus, you'll get your goats and lamb admiring in, too, which is always a plus. Cost is $45.

    NOTABLE BILLING: If you go and you don't know your Frey you will learn that it was, in fact, "America's First Organic Winery." That's a movement, we don't need to tell you, that caught on in rather a large fashion.