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Earth Hour at the Westin Verasa



    TRUTH: Sometimes things are beyond the power of a hotel. Sometimes there's a plumbing hiccup; sometimes the electricity goes out, during a big event, like a wedding. But what do you do when you're staying at a nice place that *won't* shut down all of its lights at the very moment you think the hotel definitely should? That certainly will not be the case at the Westin Verasa in Napa on Saturday, March 26. That happens to be the day when Earth Hour will be observed around the planet, and businesses joining in, such as the Verasa, will be flicking the light switch, with purpose and pride. Actually, multiple switches will be flicked, as in all of them.

    DARK HOTEL: There's something thrilling about the idea of checking into a hotel you know will be going lights-out for an hour. And you might want to plan. What will you do with those 60 minutes? Hang in the lobby and chat up other guests? Take a night nap? Canoodle? All possibilities. Read more about the Westin Verasa's stance on Earth Hour, and its policies environmental groundskeeping and green products.

    EARTH HOUR 2011: Is on Saturday, March 26 at 8:30 p.m.