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Eye a Nifty New Tool for Redwoods Exploration

Explore Redwoods will make your tree-forward fun time even more magical.



    Eye a Nifty New Tool for Redwoods Exploration
    Save the Redwoods League
    Explore Redwoods, a just-introduced planning helper from Save the Redwoods League, will make your tree-forward fun time even more magical.

    HERE'S WHAT WE CAN'T DO, when it comes to fully knowing and understanding and loving the redwoods, just to get the hard truths out of the way ASAP. We can't occupy a single spot in a very old forest for hundreds of years, like a redwood can. We can't grow burls on our bodies, those gorgeous knobby lumps, in the way that a redwood does. And housing critters, birds, and other chirpy, chittering denizens of the woods? Humans aren't very good for that, which shouldn't surprise, since we don't come with our own knotholes or branches, sadly. Here's what we can do, though, when it comes to connecting with some of the oldest living things in California, and, indeed, the planet itself: We can plan our trips to see them in a better way, all to optimize our redwoods experience. And if the planner comes from an organization devoted to helping the centuries-along trees? Even better. Save the Redwoods League is such an organization, and the people behind the treeful troupe have just released a "first-of-its-kind online tool" that helps "...visitors to determine and plan what coast redwood and giant sequoia experiences might work best for their next California adventure.

    EXPLOREREDWOODS.ORG.... puts a focus on trails and camping destinations, as well as what the traveler wants out of her redwoods-blissful trip (a more family-ready jaunt or an adventure built around a once-a-year happening). And after winnowing down what is desired? There's a chance to create a custom itinerary. Yep, the itinerary is downloadable to your phone, though printing it out might be a solid idea if you're in a well-forested spot and can't get reception. And will there be "...useful tips and information such as directions, amenities and fees, general park information, weather forecasts, what to pack, and more"? As a bird high up in a sequoia might say, "chirp" (which, of course, is "you bet!" in bird-ese). If you're mulling a magical experience among the trees we all adore — a broad statement, but one that is mighty factual — then take a gander at the new ExploreRedwoods.org, from the Save the Redwoods League. Supporting the league, too, is a lovely idea, if you want to show the redwoods you're thinking of them.