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Fantasy Frolics in San Jose

The Renaissance-sweet to-do boasts a deeply fantastic element.



    PERFECT PARTNERS: While any era or decade or time period can be folded into fantasy, or vice versa, there's something about the Renaissance, and ye olden times, that invites a sense of spirited outlandishness. Maybe it's the castles or the woods or the costumes that encourage thoughts of dragons and spirits and fairies and sprites, elements less seen in dress-up events involving, say, the 1970s. (Although a disco dragon party would be hot.) So when a Renaissance fair rolls around, one is apt to see both traditional costumes -- royals and knights -- as well as the occasional winged creature flitting about. But what's a Ren regular to do when he or she wants fewer fact-based pursuits at a festival and more fire-breathers? Ah, there's an answer for that: the San Jose Fantasy Faire.

    DATES AND DETAILS: The springtime lark, which'll swan about Guadalupe River Park on Saturday, April 12 and Sunday, April 13, is a merry melding of the principles behind Renaissance festivals and those of a fantasy-only gathering. Meaning you may see crowns and musical instruments -- usual sights -- next to fairytale characters in all of their lovely outlandishness. And speaking of fairytale characters: Elsa and Anna of "Frozen" and Merida of "Brave" will visit the Fantasy Faire. Dragons'll be in the house -- er, uh, park -- and creatures from fiction and imagination, both. Music, artisan-type items for purchase, foodstuffs, puppets, stories told, and other high-spirited high jinks shall traipse through the weekend.

    COST: Twelve bucks for an adult and five for parking. Not sure what that translates to in Renaissance coinage -- er, uh, doubloons -- but best have some cash tucked inside your dragon head.