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Festival of Lights Package at Little River Inn

There's still time to go Mendo and see the loved lights at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens.



    Festival of Lights Package at Little River Inn
    What might you be doing over the middle weekend of December? Taking in the glorious bulbs at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens? Sounds splendid.

    YOU PROMISED YOURSELF, just maybe, fingers crossed, and ribbons crossed, and bows and boxes wished upon, that the 2017 holiday season would be a slower, calmer, less hectic, less harried, and less of everything that adds stress. Perhaps you're adhering to that, and, if so, you should probably drop everything and write a book, because others could very much benefit from your wisdom. But if you did indeed promise yourself more de-stressy to-dos, like events and outings that took you into nature, well, there's still time to find that, if you act now, and put away those ribbons and boxes and must-buy lists for just one moment. Look to one of the loveliest marvels of Mendocino County for inspiration, if you will, the...

    MENDOCINO COAST BOTANICAL GARDENS, and look to the fact that the property's incandescent, warming-to-the-soul Festival of Lights is on now. What makes this destination a little different is its Pacific-close presence, which means you may revel in a bit of briny air, if that's your pleasure. (And, come on, that's everyone ocean lover's pleasure, be it summer or nearly winter.) But how does one take in such shimmery sights and stay at a wonderful bed-down place, too? There is a deal still on, at the...

    LITTLE RIVER INN, and it involves you visiting for two nights, and making sure one of those nights is a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. The final day is coming up, on Sunday, Dec. 17, so dally not if you like the combo of the botanical gardens and the Little River landmark. The price begins at $435 for two people, and that includes your stay, your admission to the gardens, and dinner at Ole's Whale Watch Bar (as well as breakfast for you both in the Garden Dining Room). Get up on this magical getaway, and get up on stepping away from the hubbub, and into a spread of twinkly trees and shrubs, in Mendocino County.