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Fishmas in Mono County: Opening Day Just Ahead

The epic hook-and-line action begins on the last Saturday in April.



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    Mammoth Mountain
    Casting a line with the snowy peaks of the Sierra in sight? It's a Mono County springtime tradition.

    SPRINGTIME IS GLORIOUSLY DOTTED... with opening days of all sorts, from the first pitch thrown by a favorite baseball team to the reopening of a beloved water park or outdoor destination. And while many opening days are highly anticipated by people around the Golden State, the start of fishing season in Mono County has to be way up there for a good number of adventurers. After all, all of those cool streams running within sight of those snow-capped Sierra Nevada peaks can make for some fine trout fishing, and the setting couldn't be more glorious (a big statement to make, but if you know the Eastern Sierra around April and May, and its perfect mix of cool mountains and warming high desert, then you know). So find your tackle box, as if it isn't already sitting on the floor by the front door, and tell all of your fishing friends that...

    SATURDAY, APRIL 28, 2018... is "Fishmas," the opening date for the season. As in years gone by, it isn't simply about showing up to cast a line in your favorite body of water around Mono County. Numerous special events are on the calendar, like the Fishmas Day Celebration at Tom's Place on April 28, and a host of derby action at various lakes as summer draws closer. What about the Monster Fish Contest at June Lake Loop? Yep, that's on April 28, too. You'll want to go over all of the opening events, the place they're popping up, the information on licenses and what you'll need to stock up, and everything you want to know about the sport around this sublime, Sierra-close stretch. Start here, if you love Fishmas Day around the Eastern Sierra and all of the understandable excitement it so consistently delivers. Now, best go dig out those waders and vest...