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Free Film Fun at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

And the 2018 opener is a summertime tradition: "The Lost Boys."



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    Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
    Dig "The Lost Boys"? The 1987 film favorite filmed at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. And, as is tradition, the vampire flick'll open the free summer movie series at the beachy location on Wednesday, June 20.

    SUMMERTIME MOVIE SERIES? They're as delightful as an extra squirt of butter on your popcorn and as cheery as a thrilling blockbuster. They'll pop up almost anywhere, from a rooftop to a park, but the occasional warm-weather film run finds its way to a stretch of iconic beachfront. And if you're on such a beach, and you're seeing a film about vampires, from the 1980s, you can almost bet a (sand)dollar as to where exactly you're sitting: You're at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk's...

    FREE MOVIES ON THE BEACH series, and you're watching "The Lost Boys," the traditional series opener. Why year-in, year-out "The Lost Boys" love, beyond the fact that it is one of the classic '80s thrillers, full of snazzy style, vampiric action, and cool romance? Because the movie famously filmed around the Beach Boardwalk, making it a true local gem. Will you dress like one of the eternal beings seen on screen? If you have a "Lost Boys" look, best break it on Wednesday night, June 20, for that's when the cult fave will again fly by night. (Or, more specifically, at 9 p.m.).

    OTHER FILMS TO COME... include "Legally Blonde," 1984's "Ghostbusters," and "Raiders of the Lost Ark." Each movie lands on a Wednesday night, though note that there won't be a film on Independence Day, which is on a Wednesday in 2018. Have your blanket? Your low-back chair? Your love of the tangy Pacific air, the lights of the boardwalk, boardwalk-loving '80s vampires, and one of Santa Cruz's classic summer screening events? Get the full roster now.