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Free Movies on the Beach

The Santa Cruz fave opens with "The Lost Boys."



    Free Movies on the Beach
    Santa Cruz Boardwalk
    Santa Cruz's Movies on the Beach opens on Wednesday, July 6.

    SAND CINEMA: Say you're Santa Cruz. Say one of the best known vampire movies of all time was filmed on your famous boardwalk. Scratch that. We'll simply call "The Lost Boys" a famous movie, vampires or not, because it certainly is up there in the '80s oeuvre of restless youth being cool/scary and doing cool/scary things. What do you do with it, Santa Cruz? We're betting you make it the opening movie of your Free Movies on the Beach summer series.

    DATES AND TITLES: The series opens on Wednesday, July 6 and runs through Wednesday, Aug. 10. Movies like "ET" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark" will play, meaning young film lovers as well as the grown-ups can attend (of course, "The Lost Boys" has its intense moments, so best think that over. If you've got a vampire fan in the house, though, it is worth considering). Blankets and low-back seats are permitted.

    ALSO AT THE BOARDWALK: The cash-saving 1907 Nights are still on, on Mondays and Tuesday. If you're Santa Cruzing in the early part of the week, best stop by and get good stuff for a buck a pop.