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Free Sunday at the Schulz Museum



    SNOOPY SAYS... The Santa Rosa-based Charles M. Schulz Museum is near and dear to many a beagle-batty heart, but, on a free day? Yeah. We're probably there. The Peanuts-minded museum is waiving admission fees on Sunday, Feb. 27. Meaning you get to check out that huge wall that's covered with thousands of strips, for free. And you can eyeball several philosophical strips on display (Sally kind of sums up a lot of people's outlooks in the panel above).

    THE EXHIBITION: The Peanuts Philosophies show opened on Feb. 23, and runs through July 11. Did many of us learn to ask our first difficult, potentially unanswerable questions via Charlie Brown and Linus? We're going to guess yes. Any time Linus got to leaning on that wall, blanket in hand, we knew we'd probably get a big doozy of a ponderance. And for that we are grateful.