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Gaige House Joins Four Sisters

A Sonoma Valley hideway joins the boutique hotel chain.



    NEW TO THE FAMILY: The life of an inn is always pretty storied but there's one consistent theme; if a property sticks around long enough, it is bound to join a new family now and then. And such is the case with Gaige House in Sonoma Valley. The guidebook favorite -- it has received Michelin props in the past -- has joined the Four Sisters Inns boutique hotel collection, it was announced on Friday, June 1. 

    ABOUT THE GAIGE HOUSE: The decor is "Asian-inspired" and that's inside and out; a rock garden pagoda is just one feature. The rooms all have their own individual feel, so while the Creekside Suite comes with a gas fireplace the Zen Suites boast "(i)nterior glass atriums." There's something alluring about those words and suddenly we're tempted to make sure every future hotel room we stay in comes with its own adjacent atrium.

    ABOUT GLEN ELLEN: This may come as a total shock to you, but the Sonoma Valley hamlet happens to be known for its varied vintages and great vineyards. Oh, we tease; this is Glen Ellen we're talking about, so that fact is known far and wide and places between the far and the wide. Here's something else we're sweet on in area, though: Jack London State Historic Park. Can you see yourself lounging by an atrium at the Gaige House reading "Call of the Wild" now? We want that for you. We want that in general.