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"Goonies" Grub: A 1985 Movie Menu, in Santa Barbara

Barbareño will serve a seven-courser inspired by pop culture favorites.



    "Goonies" Grub: A 1985 Movie Menu, in Santa Barbara
    Was 1985 your ultimate year for films? Love food? Be in Santa Barbara over the end of January and beginning of February.

    "THE BREAKFAST CLUB" DINNER: Those two flicks are among several 1985ers that will fill out the fine-dining-y menu at the Santa Barbara restaurant during Film Feast, a cuisine-cool happening that runs concurrently with the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. The to-dos that appeal to appetites, and the cuisinaire's wish to forever try newer things, are plentiful during Film Feast, but those cinema buffs with a special love of 1985 -- and, really, there are so many of us -- should book a spot at the special Barbareño dinners now. Will you wear your jelly shoes and neon headband? Who wouldn't dress outlandishly a la 1985 at a dinner tributing mid-80s flickdom? Go big, as '80s people did, for a cheeky fine dining experience, where the sour bears may be few but the silver-screen whimsy will be high.