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Guac Next to the Big (Morro) Rock

Margaritas are also a star of the Morro Bay bash.



    TO PIT YOUR PAL... or not? It's always the admittedly delicious dilemma of the person standing at the cutting board before the perfect avocado. When you slice it lengthwise -- and 100% of people pretty much do, yes? -- and you gaze upon those two harmonious halves, with their paler yellow color near the middle and the greener hues near the skin, do you hand your dining companion the 'cado that's still with pit? If you're not slicing it into a salad? Or do you keep the pitty part for yourself? Is that the "lucky" half? Or does it bear the more tender fruit, at least in kitchen lore? The questions are numerous. (And we didn't even get to whether you should save the pit, to grow it on the kitchen sill.) But the only conversation to have is this one: mashed or not? Will you guac it or scoop it out of the bumpily skin, the better to enjoy it plain? That's a query answered in more ways than two at Morro Bay's yearly Avocado & Margarita Festival, which mashes the queen of green fruits on Saturday, Sept. 13 and Sunday, Sept. 14.

    OH, AND, HELLO... lime and salt and ice and tequila. A particular zingy beverage also gets it due during the weekend, which is the eighth go-around for this not-too-far-from-the-water whoop-di-doo. There shall be other libations and there shall be other foods, but "special avocado dishes" and the chance to win "a year's supply of avocados" are what will keep attendees talking about the alligator pear. Now we're pondering this most excellent challenge: A year's supply of avocados. What would you do if you were picked to be the winner? Click your heels and plan on making guac 365 ways, yes?

    COST? It's five bucks to enter, but bring food and drink cash. And a last aside: Shouldn't all food festivals arrive with a complementary beverage in their names? Two things that go together as well as two halves of an avocado? And seriously: Is the half with the pit just better?