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Harvest Wine Weekend 2011



    WHAT'S YOUR PLEASURE: It's just fact, is the thing. If over a dozen wineries are participating in one special weekend, visitors will have their choice of activities. But if some 150 wineries are signed on for a three-day autumn party? Practically anything you like doing that can be done at a winery is on the slate. But that's the nature of Harvest Wine Weekend in and around Paso Robles. It's a celebration of the crushiest time of the year, yes, but it also gives area vineyards a chance to show their stuff. And whether that stuff happens to be a well-reviewed new pinot or delicious ribs or an art show or a fundraiser for animals or all of the above, it will be on display from Friday, Oct. 21 through Sunday, Oct. 23.

    A FEW WE'RE LIKING... Free wine/cheese pairings at Mondo Cellars on Oct. 23. Picking grapes with the crews at Still Water Vineyards on Oct. 22. And bocce ball play all weekend at Windward Vineyard. The web site and dropdowns are nicely laid out and easy to use, which is all we ask when there are over 150 venues involved in one event. Bet you could visit and truly enjoy happenings at a dozen spots over the weekend. Plan now.