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HotelPal 2.0 Brings iPad Deals Home



    When shopping for hotels some people like consistency, brand and/or location. Perhaps a mix of them allk, including price.

    HotelPal 2.0 is a free travel app that is all about the ducats. If you search Napa Valley today you get about 16 different deals to choose from, all showing you where the hotel is and how much the per-night is.

    Budget-conscious shopping never got this easy. The hotels and their details link slides along the bottom, underneath the Google map. They link through to a details pop-up that unfolds nicely, with a link-through to Expedia.

    Some of the Napa deals we found for this week (they seem to mirror what the hotels' sites list):

    * Vino Bello Resort -- a suite with a king bed for $127/per

    * Milliken Creek Inn & Spa -- king room for $275/per

    * Hotel Luca -- $310 a night in Yountville