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International Thursdays at Lynmar Estate



    HAPPY THURSDAY: We can't be alone in loving Thursday best, especially when the warm weather months arrive. Not only are things a little lighter later, and not only do offices get a bit looser-goosier with Fridays, but weekends just seem to start, in theory, around 6:11 on Thursday nights. (Of course, if you must go to work on Friday, do work hard.) If your penultimate weekday has a bit of breathing space, and you don't have any overseas trips planned for the summer, make for Lynmar Estate in Sebastopol. The winery is hosting International Pairings every Thursday afternoon/evening throughout the summer.

    NIGHT #1: The series opens on Thursday, May 26 with an afternoon devoted to Northern Italy. The cost is $50, and "little, exquisite dishes" will be paired with the tasty Russian River Valley sips. Future afternoon sessions will include culinary jaunts to Greece and India. (Kudos to Sonoma Visitors for the tip.)