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It's a 'Date': Enjoy a Winter County Fair, in Indio

The Riverside County Fair will light up the midway and celebrate dates in the middle of February.



    It's a 'Date': Enjoy a Winter County Fair, in Indio
    Riverside County Fair and Date Festival
    No need to wait for summer to find your midway-style fun and concert-cool shows. They're in Indio, for several (likely) sunshiny days, beginning on Friday, Feb. 15.

    UNLIKELY THINGS HAPPEN ALL THE TIME, and they often surprise and charm us, but let's be real about the topic of county fairs. If you're perusing a county fair's schedule, all to decide if you'll be able to attend, you're going to see particular months crop up, again and again. June, July, August? Oh yeah, those are the county fair classics, as far as the California calendar goes. May? Maybe. September and October? Sometimes, which is nice, as the county fair takes on a fall feel. But finding "February" on the list is exceedingly rare, in the world of county-fair-dom, because that's a month, at least 'round this continent, that tends to see more flakes than frosties (as in the type of refreshing drink you slurp while strolling a midway). But...

    BEAUTIFUL INDIO... is snowflake-free come the second month of the year, and it usually boasts plentiful sunbeams, making it an ideal spot for a wintertime county fair. And that super-big party, the Riverside County Fair and Date Festival, is ready to set up the toss-a-ring games and snack shacks and concert stages for another winning run, one that will include pomp-filled moments like the Arabian Nights Musical Pageant. The fair's 2019 run opens on Friday, Feb. 15, and says farewell on Sunday, Feb. 24, giving attendees ample time to fill their days with delights, of the date assortment and otherwise, aplenty. Oh, and will there be concerts at the 73rd annual Riverside County Fair?

    COUNT ON IT, with Randy Houser, Ramon Ayala, Salt-n-Pepa, Kool & the Gang, and Mariachi Sol de Mexico de Jose Hernandez all starring on the starry schedule. Shall there be carnival rides, recipe contests, monster trucks, and the annual Presidents Day parade? It wouldn't seem like this popular fair without those much-anticipated sights, sounds, and staples. And as for the adorable animal contingent? Count on swooning over swine, goats, rabbits, chickies, cows, and more. Plus? There are animal adoptions, too, so come prepare to fall in love with something furry and sweet. 

    IT'S NOT SUMMER, nope, but it is almost February, which has meant, for decades now, that a rare and winsome wintertime county fair is nearly here. Find your details now, and all of your date-shake'd dreams, too.