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It's a Vintage Holiday, at La Quinta

Be your best George Bailey and plan a seasonal stay at the "Wonderful" resort.



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    La Quinta Resort & Club
    La Quinta Resort & Club has strong ties to filmmaker Frank Capra, and you can bet that its wonderful seasonal offerings boast some of the vintage charm found in his films.

    DESERT EVENINGS... can get famously nippy, and anyone who assumes that a drier landscape, one that sees triple-digit temperatures in the summertime, always stays hot, well... their desert knowledge has, yes, deserted them. You'll want to layer-up, on a winter's night in the California desert, and even have a coat handy. But will there be piles of snow? The kind of snow seen, say, in Bedford Falls, the adorable town in Frank Capra's "It's a Wonderful Life"? Well, no. That isn't the way of the desert, and yet, there is one place that has some Bedford-Falls-y cred, and some Capra-style splash, and while you won't find George Bailey running about, you will find plenty of historic charm. It's...

    LA QUINTA RESORT & CLUB, the storied spread of charming casitas, villas, tennis courts, and more in the town of La Quinta, that we're Bailey-hoo-ing about here. For Mr. Capra himself, the famous film storyteller, wrote a number of scripts on the property, back in its early era, making it an ideal destination for fans of the classic movie. And a number of festive doings are on, this December, at the resort, including the beautiful fir twinkling out on the hotel's picturesque plaza, chestnut roasting, a bevy of holiday-themed treatments at the spa (ahhh, Cranberry Bliss Sugar Scrub), and elegant dining opportunities on both Christmas and New Year's Eve.

    AGAIN,  NO SNOW GEAR... is required — this is La Quinta, after all, and not Bedford Falls — but an affection for longtime properties with cinematic ties, and beautiful desert settings, will add a certain sweetness to your overnight getaway. Start here, George Bailey buffs, Clarence devotees, and fans of Frank Capra.