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Kid Fun at Portola and Cavallo Point

Didn't get to get away this summer? There's still time.



    AUTUMN AHEAD: It is just about the time people see the pink erasers return to the shelves in bulk -- by the way, isn't that a cheerful sight, pink erasers in bulk -- that they start asking each other where the summer went. And, moreover, why the family vacation didn't materialize. School is set to start up again in a few weeks, but there's still time to do that weekend away and there are still packages that keep kid's play in mind, one south and one north. Ready to pack the wagon? Does anyone say that anymore? Are we living in a retro dream of pink erasers and inflatable toys tied to wagon tops? Perhaps, but it is a good dream. Onto the packages...

    PORTOLA HOTEL & SPA: This Monterey-based hotel offers its "Portola Pirates Program" all year long, so if you don't catch it before the start of school, you'll have time down the road. The goodies behind this one? A goody bag full of pirate-y booty and such for young'uns between the ages of 3 and 12. There are "interactive activities" that explore the area's maritime lore -- we like kidly things that mix in the history -- as well as pirate-themed menu items in the restaurants. One order of Black Beard's Pasta for us, please.

    CAVALLO POINT LODGE: The Marin-beautiful setting and Golden Gate-glorious views have made this city-adjacent property a favorite for couples' vacays. But Cavallo Point also caters to little ones, both via a Kids Menu and special packages like a Family Fun Package. This one is available through Sept. 3 and includes a picnic lunch (for up to six people), a flick in your hotel room, cookies & milk, and other tasty stuff.

    Yep, it is nearly pink eraser time, but, nope, that doesn't mean a quick family trip is out of the cards. Pirates hats on, young vacationers!