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Korbel's Halloween Happy Hour

Bid the autumnal sun goodnight from the vineyard as you sip and ponder ghost stories.



    Korbel's Halloween Happy Hour
    Bid the autumnal sun goodnight from the vineyard as you sip seasonal concoctions and ponder ghost stories on Saturday, Oct. 29.

    THE SUN HAS A KNACK FOR SETTING... behind all sorts of landscapes. (Er, spoiler alert?) It matters not if the distant vista to the west of the sunset's viewer is a mountain range, or a field, or a wave-churny ocean; our nearest star is still going to do the whole end-of-the-day, "see everyone tomorrow nighty-night" thing when the moment calls for that particular eternal act to happen. And while many vistas give the daily event allure and mystery and beauty, from picturesque peaks that frame the sun's final dipping down to a body of water that reflects it, few settings can match a vineyard on the "great places to be for sundown" list. Make that an...

    AUTUMNAL SUNDOWN, when the air seems just a touch more chill, and a touch more golden, and you're extra-double in business on the whole enjoying-the-sunset front. Korbel is inviting sunset enjoyers, and Halloween buffs, and those who like a sippable glass of something potent and pretty-to-the-palate, to come enjoy a Halloween Eve Eve in the property's Guerneville vineyard, an expanse of vines which may come with a ghost or two, if legend is correct. The $40-a-person afternoon-to-twilight to-do is on...

    SATURDAY, OCT. 29, and "a costume contest and psychic readings" are part of the effervescent event. So are some "special Halloween brews" and yummy tidbits to devour as you bid the sun farewell. "Guests and employees alike have long claimed that the Korbel family home is haunted," says the invite on the site, so count on that being a tantalizing topic. Doing wine country over Halloween weekend? Consider a stop by the libation icon's Guerneville spread, if only to bid the sun goodnight from a picturesque vineyard.