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Lake Tahoe Restaurant Week



    TAHOE TABLES: That are a lot of true things in this world. The whole not-wearing-white-shoe-after-Labor-Day? Totally true and anyone who isn't following that needs to take a hard look in the mirror. Or perhaps at their feet. But something else that holds a lot of water -- or perhaps holds a lot of discounted wine would be more accurate -- is that a restaurant week is one of those unusual happenings that serves both the resident and the visitor in equal parts. Figure that the local can take advantage of the specials at a favorite restaurant, and the tourist can get to know the area's hot eateries without having to do too much digging. It's Restaurant Week right now in San Diego, and there's another just ahead in, in Lake Tahoe. The area's second Restaurant Week opens on Sunday, Oct. 2 and gets cooking through Sunday, Oct. 9.

    ON THE LIST: Black Bear Inn, the Fresh Ketch (pictured), and Jake's on the Lake. Get who is cooking what and for how much here. And then start thinking Tahoe-y thoughts. We love the mountains in early October. Oh, we know, everyone is all about their Tahoe when it is under snow or extreme sun. But us? We go in for those autumnal breezes and the occasional golden tree. And a hot restaurant deal. We may never wear white shoes after Labor Day, but we never say no to a tricked-out, three-course lunch for twenty bucks.