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Last-Minute Labor Day Outing: Shoreline Lake

Has it been too long since you had a picnic by lake? What? Never?



    HOLIDAY WEEKEND HAPS: It's nearly a fact of modern life that if you ask somebody what they did over a three-day, gloriously weather-sweet holiday weekend, they'll answer a) moved b) helped a friend move c) cleaned out a closed or d) cleaned out a closet after helping a friend move. Part of the idea behind the three-day weekend is leisure, gratitude, fresh air, and togetherness. Can we all agree that this ideals, as old-fashioned as they might sound, are at least a little woven into our long weekends? So why do we, for the most part, mark them in the same way that every weekend is marked: by errands and such? Look no further than to the poets and painters of the past. They set holiday revelers on boats and under parasols and at picnics. Those people understood, through and through, that some low-budget leisure of the alfresco sort is the best way to be revived for the work week. True? You, too, can play like you're in a 19th-century watercolor, and you can do so at Mountain View's oh-so-quaint Shoreline Lake.

    YEP... you're within the length of a proverbial oar or two of some of Silicon Valley's biggest businesses, but the workaday world is faraway on the water. Pedalboats, canoes, rowboats, and the occasional sailboat skim the lake, and picnickers dot the edges. And the Lakeside Cafe's patio weekend brunch will extend into Labor Day proper (so Monday, Sept. 2). Again, we emphasize budget friendly and sunshine and fresh air, a few words that apply to too few of our holiday weekends. Do you want to tell your co-workers you cleaned out a shelving unit or do you want to show them photos of you clowning on a pedalboat? Seriously, there's only one answer you'll be glad you chose there, if we might be so bold. Pedal away, reveler, for those long-standing errands can wait for a regular ol' Saturday.