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Love...Food...Desire at L'Auberge Carmel



    Oysters, Vanilla, Banana? While the oyster is probably the most famous of all the romance foods -- we're referring to those eats that are said to get people in the mood for canoodlery -- there are others that deserve a little love. Like, the banana. And, the almond. And yes, fennel. Can we give it up for fennel, and its flame-fanning properties? Good. L'Auberge Carmel is giving it up for the bulby bite, and several other aphrodisiacal eats, at a special Valentine's dinner.

    LOVE..FOOD...DESIRE: The Monday, Feb. 14 menu features courses based on the oyster, bananas, vanilla, fennel, almonds, pine nuts, mustard, and truffles. Mustard? Yay. There are other tasties to choose from, like pineapple. There will be a choice of four courses, so you'll have some choice, and the price is $110 per person. Go $220 and have wine paired with your meal.