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Mendocino's Merriest Season

Winery to-dos, boat parades, and other charming events mark the season.



    GREETING CARD-SWEET: You know those people who tape their holiday cards along the door jamb or line 'em up on the shelf? Perhaps you are one. If so, we invite you to pull out any of the paper hellos you receive this holiday season and see if there is a wee town on the front (we're assuming a few of the cards will come with the standard cozy village illustration). Are there quaint historic buildings in the town? A few small lanes? Perhaps a gorgeous ocean, off to one side? Is the whole village quite charming and perfectly snug? We'll guess yes. Few towns as sweet or picturesque exist in the real world, though, with the exception of Mendocino. It is that rare, almost fictional town that practically came straight from the greeting card, right? Right down to its pert fences and pretty bed & breakfasts and shop-lined main thoroughfare. So when the yuletide season rolls around in Mendo, it just fits. One might say that enjoying Mendocino County's Festive Fortnight is akin to entering a greeting card. (We wouldn't disagree with that.)

    FESTIVE FORTNIGHT: It's the second annual outing for this three-quarters-of-a-month-long, event-packed spectacular. There are seasonal-nice happenings throughout the county, like a Lighted Truck Parade in Gualala (we loooove Gualala, we must say here and now, extra emphatically) and a holiday lights parade in Fort Bragg (big ups to the F.B., too). Mendocino proper has lots going on, including a vegan cookies baking demo. Hugs to that, Mendocino. Hugs. It's a big list, as suits a greeting card-perfect area, so eye everything if you're in the mood to get your merry on. Just don't forget your pretty scarf and muff, or something similar; after all, you'll be walking onto the front of a holiday greeting, only in real life.

    The Festive Fortnight runs from Nov. 23 through Dec. 16.