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Mmm, E&O Spice Route Dinner Series

Adore turmeric or star anise? Keep your summer supping sights on this special spot.



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    Adore turmeric or star anise? Keep your summer supping sights on this special spot.

    OVER THE MOON: Finding one's self positively over the moon and downright obsessed with a particular dish or ingredient? It's the food lover's way of life. One minute we're sitting before an apple crumble, a dessert we haven't had in ages, and then, post-crumble, we're planning where next to find the sweet. But how to truly indulge in your particular fancy of particular spices, which may not get the same standard play as a recipe or ingredient? Few places put the emphasis on a single spice, beyond mentioning it here and there on the menu, but E&O Kitchen and Bar near Union Square is changing that up over the summer of 2018. Each month a different zingy flavor will rule the entrée, dessert, and, yes, the drink, too, which means that if you're super-duper into a spice, and it is the spice of the month, well, you'll partake in quite a bit of it, mmm. The Spice Route series, as it is called, is flowing flavorfully from May to September, and spice #1 is...

    SZECHUAN PEPPERCORNS: The cocktail featuring this heat-mazing addition is the Black & Orange, while the main course, an elegant spin on chicken wings, and dessert, a truffle dish with dark chocolate, both boast peppercorn action. This tasty trio will be repeated for each new spice to be featured, so check out what's coming right up: turmeric in June, star anise in July, cardamom in August, and peppercorn in September. More tempting offerings including a turmeric Negroni (in June, as mentioned) and peach cardamom upside down cake in the eighth month on the calendar. For more info on this piquant take on the tried-and-true dinner event series, visit E&O for all of the spicy 411.