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Mondo Tunes: Sacramento Music Festival

Close to 100 bands'll play 300 sets. How's that for a sound spectacular?



    THE START OF SUMMER: What's your official way of welcoming the summer season? Oh, we're not talking about the actual start of the warmest period of the year, the summer solstice. We're talking about Memorial Day Weekend, which is the traditional time many of us move into the period of brighter evenings, sweeter weekends, and road trips. Do you spend that weekend shopping for flip-flops and tank tops? Do you hit an outdoor art fair, finally buying that rainbow streamer you've vowed to hang in a breezy spot on the patio? Or do you truly go large and welcome summer in a mega, sound-a-riffic way? That's the path many a musicphile takes, given that summertime in multi-day music festival time. And one of the largest spreads out, in the capital, over Memorial Day Weekend. It's the Sacramento Music Festival, and it happens from Friday, May 23 through Monday, May 25.

    ON THE BILL: "Nearly 100 bands" have signed up to do the "hellooooo, Sacramento" thing, including The Texas Tornados, Zydeco Flames, Mat Kearney, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, Purple Haze Band, and Mick Martin & The Blues Rockers. The genres? Hoo boy, it's a wide swath, for sure. Roots rock, jazz, blues, swing, rockabilly, ragtime, street beat, Latin music, banjo, and big band, plus a whole heck of a bunch of other tuneful categories, are part of the four-day scene.

    SPECIAL PASS PRICE: Now when one hears "four-day scene" they're apt to think mondo dollar signs. But check it: A four-day event badge is currently $99 through May 1. Then it goes up, wait for it, eleven bucks, to $110. Not bad, especially when you consider that the Sacramento Music Festival has been rocking for four decades, plus a year, so it draws some of the best, the most interesting, and, you got it, the eclectic-cool acts. Isn't this the way you want to start summer? Rather than shopping for more tank tops? Please, you probably have enough. But can you ever get enough mega summer music?