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Mother's Day at Milliken Creek



    MOM'S DAY AHEAD: She may wave you off when you talk of spoiling her, but be clear in your own mind: Your mother wants the spoiling, even if she won't allow herself to say so. (Which is so mom-like, when you think about it.) If you've permitted yourself to fall under the influence of the wave-off for too many Mother's Days, here's your chance to turn that pattern around, and fast: Milliken Creek Inn & Spa has a posh, mom-pleaser of a deal on.

    SCENTS AND CERTIFICATE: It starts with a bouquet. Actually, that's the delivery method, so let's get to what is really starts with: a $500 gift certificate, a certificate that can be used at the plush, Napa-based hotel. Now, two more to-knows. One, when you purchase that certificate, you also will score a gratis facial or massage for mom (the first is 60 minutes, the second is 75 minutes, but if you're minute-counting on the table, you need to relax). The second part is that the gift certificate will arrive at your mom's home along with a bouquet. Oh yeah. Now *that* is a happy Mother's Day. See if she'll try and wave that one off. She will not, we'll wager. She will not. Details and order-bys here. 

    ONE MORE NOTE: Since you can order through May 15, note that your main lady does not have to use this on Mother's Day itself. Good to know.