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Mustard, Mud and Music



    MMM... It's billed as "Napa Valley's Premier Jazz & Wine Festival." When you see those words all together, you can be forgiven for thinking, "well, that must be a summertime thing." It isn't, which is a-ok, especially since the summer is still a skip off. But March 5 is not, which means you can soon be in Calistoga enjoying a bevy of brassy acts as well as the tastes of over a dozen and a half local wineries. The name? Catchy. It's the Mustard, Mud and Music Festival.

    HOURS/PRICES: The hours on that Saturday are noon to 6 p.m.; and if you want to sip chards and more wines, you'll need a ticket, which is $30. Best get details on the summer-ish-but-not Saturday. Oh, and special note: Some things will be continuing into Sunday, March 6, such as special brunches and jazz performances at area restaurants. But the main day of the fest is March 5.

    LASTLY: The music part is free. Free free free.