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Napa Valley New: Conversations at Copia

Hear from great chefs and food experts at the new Napa-based series.



    Napa Valley New: Conversations at Copia
    The Culinary Institute of America
    Hear from great chefs and food experts at The CIA at Copia's new series.

    DIGGING DEEPER INTO A DISH? Everyone has done it, all to further discover the goodies at the bottom of the bowl. After all, the upper layer of the beautifully constructed meal may be composed of all sorts of roasted vegetables and fine cheeses and drizzles of nut oils, but you absolutely know, even before you grab your fork, that you'll find more delectables to admire beneath what you're seeing at first glance. And so it goes, in a similar fashion, with knowing about our daily food and delving into the backstory what we eat: We want to see what's at the bottom of the bowl. There is a place that can help, thank goodness: The newly launched Conversations at Copia is all about connecting we peckish and curious people with a host of topics about what's in the bowl, what's in the oven, what's in the field, and how everything so symphonically, and savorily, comes together on our dinner table. The conversations aren't solely conversations in the most traditional sense, however; prepare to also enjoy film and art and "tasting food and beverage" in addition to the "live panels" and "dialogue" aspects of the series. It's a monthly to-do, if this is all making your tummy and brain rumble in pre-anticipation, and the next one is up on...

    SATURDAY, APRIL 7 AND SUNDAY, APRIL 8: The theme of the weekend is Sustainable Seafood & Bay Area Watersheds, with events folded in like "What's Pho Dinner? With Ted Wilson of Fine & Rare" and "Family Funday Special Edition Cakes & Cupcakes — Under the Sea." It's a full-flower'd two-dayer, one that seeks to educate "... attendees about our food system, how to get involved, and how it affects us." Coming up in the months ahead? Terroir, Women! Trailblazers and the New Wave, and Why We Eat What We Eat are some of the intriguing themes at the Napa-based HQ of edible-topia. You'll want to register ahead of time, and get the necessary info, so pause for one moment, should you be peeking at what's at the bottom of your bowl, and learn more about this nummy and knowledge-filled new series now. Surely we can give a "nummy" where Copia is concerned? The foodie destination keeps its sense of sprightly fun, and light-hearted discovery, well intact.