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Napa's Artsy April

Gallery to-dos, winery haps, and loads of loveliness are on the calendar.



    THE FACT IS... Napa is one of the few places that embraces fine living all year long. Yes, we do, in part, mean posh living when we say fine living. But to us it really means an acknowledgment and the enjoyment of the pleasures of life, which we can pretty much agree involves culture and art and ideas and the joys of the plate and glass. But come April the Valley really steps it up in the art and wine department, meaning they take their already high level of gallery events and grape-focused to-dos and they do more of them. It's called Arts in April, and if you like a) the area b) looking at paintings c) listening to music d) hobnobbing with interesting people and e) trying cabs and cheeses and such, then best check out the schedule. By the way, we're not even going to add an f) -- the classic "all of the above" -- because we're just going to assume everyone falls into that category.

    GREAT TIMES: Some of the events we're sweet on include a Bacchus discussion at Clos Pegase. Bacchus! We love that guy. (Wait, is he a satyr? Okay. We love that satyr, then.) Tres Sabores in St. Helena is also doing a glassworks hanging in the vines and trees deal, which sounds perfectly ethereal to us. Whether you're alighting in St. Helena or Yountville or Rutherford, you'll find something to look at and something to sip, believe it. Arts in April is happening, well, all of April, but events, dates, and times will vary. (Still thinking about Bacchus. Satyr, nymph, or man? Off to roam the webbery and find out now...)