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Nature Noël: Holiday Tree Walk at Roaring Camp Railroads

De-bustle and de-hustle at this fresh-of-air excursion, in Felton.



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    Spy boughs of trees decorated for the season at Bear Mountain. How to get there? By train, of course, on Saturday, Dec. 9 and Sunday, Dec. 10. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

    COMING ACROSS A TREE IN THE FOREST? It happens, with wonderful frequency, though calling such a sight "predictable" or "expected" might play down what a treat it is to see a pretty tree in nature. Coming across a tree in the forest that's been festooned with baubles and strings of lovely things, like a tree in a den might be? Much more unusual, much rarer, and highly unexpected. True, the trees seen at the North Pole in 1964's "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" TV special were decorated, but finding such fanciful firs outside of a stop-motion classic is rather harder. Unless, of course, you hop on a steam train to Bear Mountain and take the...

    HOLIDAY TREE WALK... at Roaring Camp Railroads. It's an outdoor stroll (as the name "Bear Mountain" would suggest), and guests will be able to enjoy a line-up of beautiful branchy specimens all done up in their seasonal best. The "...tree-lined walk of beautifully decorated holiday trees" hail from Los Gatos, and the Patchen California Christmas Tree Farm. Will there be a sip once you're up the mountain? There will be, in the form of toasty cider, so enjoy it as you take in the crisp-a-tude, the sky, and the offbeat visuals of outdoor trees dotted in gewgaws and such.

    THE DATES? Be there on Saturday, Dec. 9 or Sunday, Dec. 10 for the vintage train fun, and be sure to show with an unwrapped toy to donate to Santa Cruz County's Toys for Tots. If you do love trains, but you love the idea of sauntering a bit, in the woods, with some ornaments and decorations as an added atmospheric sight, this sweet treat is right up your alley. Or not "alley" perhaps but tree-lined walk at magnificent Bear Mountain. Want to snag that ticket in advance? Always a solid idea.